How to get new Ultimate Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

How to get new Ultimate Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

Mummy Suit in PUBG Mobile

If you are the oldest player of Pubg Mobile then you also know about the Mummy Suit of Pubg Mobile but today I will tell you How to get the new Ultimate Mummy Suit in PUBG Mobile.

This is the first time you see the ultimate Mummy suit in Pubg Mobile. Because PUBG Mobile never release this type of outfit before. Many people play BGMI as well, so you can get the latest file of BGMI 2.1 No recoil Config. This config make your recoil almost zero.

When the Pharoh event comes, then PUBG Mobile launched the Mummy set for the first time, but now PUBG Mobile is more advanced and release the ultimate Mummy suit in PUBG Mobile.

If you want to get a new ultimate Mummy suit in Pubg Mobile then you need to read this article completely.

Yellow Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

The oldest Mummy set is two and this Mummy outfit has an amazing and huge audience the players of Pubg Mobile want these types of Mummy set more in the game.
How to get new Ultimate Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

But finally Pubg Mobile listens to all players' requests and he gives the new ultimates Mummy outfit in Pubg Mobile.

Only those players of Pubg Mobile can get this outfit who are financially independent because Pubg Mobile UC is very expensive.

That is why every player of Pubg Mobile can not afford these types of new outfits.

White Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

The second Mummy suit color is white and Pubg Mobile players love this white dress and this white Mummy dress also has the Mythic emote.

Only some of the Pubg Mobile outfits have the Mythic dress with emote and this white Mummy set is one of them.
How to get new Ultimate Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

Ultimate Outfit of Pubg Mobile

You can not imagine the ultimate outfit look in Pubg Mobile because these outfits are very expensive and everybody can not afford these types of outfits.

The ultimate suit has amazing animation when someone enters the lobby then the character of the game gives amazing vibes in the lobby.

If you have the ultimate outfit in PUBG Mobile, then your friends are very obsessed with you, and they respect you as a senior player of PUBG Mobile.

The ultimate Mummy set is coming and also if you get the ultimate Mummy suit then you can also get the mythic emote with the dress.

The good news for you is that when the ultimate Mummy suit comes in the crate then also the oldest Mummy yellow and white suits have also come with them.

So, this is the best chance for you to get the all Mummy dresses in Pubg Mobile.

Spectate feature in Pubg Mobile

I also give you the details about the spectate feature in Pubg Mobile is that you can watch your friend when he was playing the game.

But you should have the Ray character and you can also run here and there in the game.

Ultimate Mummy Suit Look 

Now I will show you the ultimate outfit look and you are very surprised to see this amazing ultimate Mummy outfit.

You see in the image below two Mummy sets are old and the middle one is the ultimate Mummy outfit which is new and you also see the colors of the Mummy outfit.
How to get new Ultimate Mummy Suit in Pubg Mobile

You see the image this ultimate outfit has the sky blue color and this color is glow when he comes in the game.

The name of this amazing ultimate outfit is Soul Eater Hades set and it has amazing color.

This is the first time you see the ultimate emote in the Pubg Mobile Global and players are very happy to see this amazing Mummy outfit.

This news comes on the Beta version but most beta version news is correct.

We will believe only when it comes in the actual Global version of the Pubg Mobile.

Graffiti of Ultimate outfit in PUBG Mobile

You will also see the graffiti of Pubg Mobile's new ultimate Mummy outfit.

Which is used as a sticker. You can use this graffiti when you enter into the game and you can use it on any house roof.

These are the details about the new ultimate outfit in Pubg Mobile and hope you understand how you can get the Ultimate Mummy set in Pubg Mobile.

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