How to install Pyphisher Tool in Termux


How to install Pyphisher Tool in Termux

How to install Pyphisher Tool in Termux?

Welcome again! We all know about the phishing attacks, but how can we perform these attacks. I'm here to guide you everything about this tool. 

The best way to install pyphisher tool in Termux, you need Termux app and a data connection. On this website, I publish content related to the ethical hacking and tools review. 

As you can see, the interface of this tool in the above image. To install this tool, you have to follow commands. Every tool has different requirements and commands. You try to copy and paste the same command that I have given below.


  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install python
  • pkg install python2
  • pkg install php
  • git clone
  • cd PyPhisher
  • pip3 install -r files/requirements.txt
  • python3

Ok so here is the installation process of this tool. We all know how phishing is powerful to hack someone Facebook account or any other social media account.

If you already subscribed to my channel then you already know the basic commands of Termux app, But if you're new, and you don't have any idea about these commands then I give you some context about it.

The first command of “apt update” is used to update the Termux. When you open your Termux app after the long time, then you have to put this command first before installing any other tool. Must try this Pyphisher tool for termux.

The second command is “apt upgrade” and this command can upgrade all the packages in Termux. Sometimes Termux update a lot of things, and we don't know about it, that's why we need to put this command to upgrade everything in Termux.

If you ignore this update and upgrade process, then may you face error while installing the tools. So be careful with it. Now lets move on, the package's section.

Every tool required different packages. I mean, if you're using a bruteforce attack then the packages are different, and it all depend on your tool script. You have to install these packages by checking your tool requirements.

As you know, we are shifting our site and this is our new site for the work. I hope I maintain this site well and provide valuable content for you. Are you a termux user, then must try this WhatsApp Hacking tool for termux.

Ok, let's move to the main topic. When you putt all the above command, the tool interface appears in front of you. You can say that the pyphisher tool has been installed in your Termux. Now you have to select your attack. 

There are many templates in this tool, you have to choose the attack if you want to hack Facebook, then select the option 1. Everything is mention in front of you, so don't worry.

PyPhisher tool is one of the most advance tool ever. There are many tools on GitHub, but I think the admin of this tool maintain and update the tool every month. 

If you still have any issue with this tool, then don't worry, I always give practical video to my subscribers. So be my subscribers! If you're not subscribed to me yet, then go to YouTube and search for the M Asim tech.

To watch the practical video. Click on the below button and watch how to perform Facebook hacking attack practically using pyphisher tool.

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