How to install CamPhish Tool in Termux


How to install CamPhish Tool in Termux

How to install CamPhish Tool in Termux?

CamPhish is an open-source tool designed for ethical phishing simulations and security testing. Launched in 2020, CamPhish aims to help organizations and individuals assess their susceptibility to phishing attacks and improve their security posture.

CamPhish can be operated on Linux and Docker platforms, making it a versatile tool for security professionals and researchers. The tool allows users to create customized phishing campaigns, simulating real-world attacks to test employee vulnerability and organizational defenses.

With CamPhish, users can create realistic phishing emails, websites, and landing pages to test employee awareness and response. The tool also provides analytics and reporting features to help identify vulnerabilities and track progress over time.

CamPhish is an essential tool for ethical hackers, security professionals, and organizations seeking to strengthen their security measures. By simulating phishing attacks in a controlled environment, users can identify weaknesses and take proactive steps to prevent real-world attacks.

CamPhish can be used on Termux, which is a Linux terminal emulator app for Android. Termux allows you to run Linux commands and install Linux packages on your Android device. Must try Free Fire tool for termux to hack someone FF account.

To use CamPhish on Termux, you'll need to:

  • Install Termux from the Google Play Store.
  • Open Termux and update the package list
  • Install the required packages
  • Clone the CamPhish repository
  • Change into the CamPhish directory
  • Run the setup script
  • Start CamPhish

Commands for termux

  1. apt update 
  2. apt upgrade
  3. pkg install git -y
  4. pkg install wget -y
  5. pkg install openssh
  6. pkg install php
  7. git clone
  8. cd Camphish
  9. chmod +x *
  10. bash

This tool is similar to the 69 phisher tool, But this tool can hack your girlfriend camera by sending a single link to her. You have to copy the above commands and paste it in the Termux and hit the enter button.

The first six commands are basically normal commands to update the Termux app and installation of some basic packages. But the 7th command is the main to clone the tool in Termux. 

If you need any further info, Or you want to watch the practical video on this topic then click below button to get full practical video on cam phish tool.

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