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How to Download and Install Termux App on Android

Are you searching for the latest version of Termux app? Yes, you're on the right website, I'm here to give you full information about the latest version of Termux app.

If you download the Termux app from the play store, then may you get a lot of errors because the play store app is not updated and people get a lot of errors in old version of termux.

You have to download latest version of Termux from f-droid. I know my all subscribers want to hack social accounts, and they need the best version of termux. But first you have to know about f-droid.

What is F-Droid?

F-Droid is a convenient and secure way to manage free and open-source Android apps, offering features like automatic updates, version tracking, and app filtering.

How to download termux app?

Here are some basic steps for the installation of Termux from f-droid. 

Download F-Droid
Install The F-Droid App.
Search for Termux
Download the Termux App.

These things you have to follow to get the latest version of Termux app. Are you interesting in ethical hacking, then must try 69phisher tool for termux. This tool can hack a lot of social media accounts.

Why we use F-Droid?

Here are some reasons why Termux is not updated on Google Play Store & we use f-droid to get latest version of termux.

  • Android 10 issues: The app is not compatible with Android 10, and no work is being done to fix the issue.
  • Deprecated: The Termux app and its plugins are no longer supported on Google Play Store.
  • No access to Play Store Console account: The developers of Termux do not have access to the Play Store Console account where the app is published, so they cannot remove the app or update it.

If you need the latest updates, you can download Termux from F-Droid or GitHub. Yes GitHub is another way to get the latest version of termux. 
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