Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux - Practical Guide

Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux

Install T-Phisher Tool in Termux

T-Phisher is an open-source tool used for creating phishing pages and managing phishing attacks. To install T-Phisher Tool in Termux, you can follow the guidelines provided, but remember to use it ethically and only for educational purposes, such as learning about phishing techniques and how to protect against them.

We are going to use Termux app, So if you were not had any idea about the Termux then make sure to download Termux app from the f-droid.

Supported OS for T-Phisher

The T-Phisher tool can be run on various platforms that support PHP and curl, including:

  • Termux (Android)
  • Kali Linux
  • Parrot OS
  • Ubuntu
  • Debian
  • Fedora
  • Arch Linux
  • Windows (using a PHP environment like XAMPP or WAMP).

How to use t-phisher?

This is very easy to use the t-phisher tool in termux, You have to follow some commands and install the tool in termux. After this a phishing link can be generated so you have to copy the link & send it to your victim.

Commands for Termux

  • apt update
  • apt upgrade
  • pkg install git
  • pkg install php
  • pkg install wget
  • pkg install curl
  • git clone
  • cd tphisher
  • bash

Here are the basic commands you to put to install t-phisher tool in Termux. This tool is completely error free, so don't worry about the errors. If you want to watch the full practical video, then go to the end of this article.

Errors May you face:

While installing T-Phisher Tool in Termux, users may encounter errors such as:

Dependency issues: 

Missing required packages or outdated dependencies, like PHP or curl.

Git clone errors: 

Failure to clone the repository due to network issues or incorrect URLs.

Permission denied: 

Insufficient permissions to run the installation script or access certain directories.

PHP errors: 

Syntax errors or compatibility issues with the PHP code.

curl errors: 

Issues with curl installation or configuration, preventing the tool from functioning properly.

Termux errors: 

Problems with Termux installation or configuration, hindering the tool's installation.

Version incompatibility: 

Incompatibility between the tool's version and the Termux or PHP version.

File system issues: 

Errors related to file system permissions, corruption, or inadequate storage space.

How to fix these errors?

Dependency issues:
    Run pkg update and pkg upgrade to update packages.
Install missing dependencies using pkg install <dependency_name>.

Git clone errors:
    Check network connection and try again.
Verify the repository URL and try a different mirror if necessary.

Permission denied:
    Run the command with elevated privileges using sudo or su.
Change permissions using chmod +x <script_name> or chmod 755 <directory>.

PHP errors:
   Check PHP version compatibility and update if necessary.
Review PHP code for syntax errors and fix them.

curl errors:
    Install or update curl using pkg install curl or pkg upgrade curl. Verify curl configuration and settings.

Termux errors:
    Reinstall Termux or update to the latest version. Check Termux configuration and settings.

Version incompatibility:
    Check the tool's version compatibility with Termux and PHP. Update the tool or Termux to a compatible version.

File system issues:
    Check file system permissions and ownership.
    Free up storage space or expand storage capacity.


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