How To Increase IG Followers Using Termux

How To Increase Your IG Followers Using Termux

How To Increase IG Followers Using Termux?

One of the best tools to increase IG followers using Termux. We are using the most advance tool to get unlimited followers and likes through this tool. This whole website is related to the termux tools.

You just go to the home section and explore the termux tools, In termux you can easily hack social media accounts using T-phisher tool. We are going to install inshackle-bot tool in termux.

We need termux app, If you not have this app then must download termux app from f-droid. Why not from play store? The reason is simple, the latest version of termux is not available on play store. 

About Tool:

Inshackle-bot is a powerful tool designed for Termux, enabling users to automate various tasks on Instagram. By utilizing Inshackle-bot, you can boost engagement on your posts, attract new followers, and grow your online presence. 

The tool allows you to automate likes and comments, perform hashtag research, and schedule posts in advance, making it an invaluable asset for anyone looking to increase Instagram followers using Termux.


Inshackle-bot offers a wide range of features and options, including:

  1. Automated liking and commenting on posts.
  2. Advanced hashtag research and posting capabilities.
  3. Scheduled posting and content management.
  4. User and post scraping.
  5. Comment scraping and tracking.
  6. Automated follower tracking and management.
  7. Post analytics and insights.
  8. Customizable user agents and proxy support.
  9. Multi-account support.
  10. Advanced filtering and targeting options.

Yon can use all the given features of this tool after installing the inshackle-bot tool. Now let's talk about the installation process of this tool to increase IG followers using termux.

Commands For Termux:

  • apt update && upgrade
  • pkg install git -y
  • git clone
  • ls
  • cd inshackle-bot
  • ls
  • chmod +x *
  • pkg install openssl-tool
  • bash

Remember one thing: Always try to copy and paste the commands. Many people are commenting that “we face directory not found error” So I suggest you to write the same commands that I have given to you.

If this method is not working in your phone, then don't worry, I have plan B. Please watch this second method to get unlimited IG follower without any human verification and login.

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