Track Location Using Termux [SEEKER TOOL]

Track Location Using Termux

Track Location Using Termux

SEEKER is a powerful location tracking tool that enables users to pinpoint the exact location of a target device using its IP address. Designed for use with Termux, a Linux-based operating system for Android devices, SEEKER offers a robust and efficient way to track locations without relying on GPS or other location-sharing methods. 

With its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, SEEKER makes it easy to trace IP addresses and uncover detailed location information, making it a valuable tool for cybersecurity professionals, researchers, and anyone interested in tracking location data.

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Hardware Requirements

  • Android device with Termux installed
  • Stable internet connection

Software Requirements

  • Termux app (latest version).
  • Python installed on Termux (can be installed using pkg install python).
  • SEEKER tool (downloaded and installed on Termux).
  • Root access (optional but recommended for advanced features).

Other Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of Linux commands and Termux usage
  • Target device's IP address (required for location tracking)

Commands For Termux

If you want to track location using termux then, you have to put these commands in your termux app. Try to put these commands one by one.

  • apt update && upgrade
  • pkg install git curl php python -y
  • git clone
  • ls
  • cd seeker
  • bash
  • pkg install python2
  • ls
  • python3

Always try to download termux app from the F-droid. On this store, you get the latest version of termux app. Location tracking using the termux app is very easy, specially if you subscribed to M Asim tech YouTube channel.

Some people face issues while installing the tool. They try to put the commands manually, but I always suggest you to follow the copy and paste method. In copy and paste method, the chance of mistakes are very low.

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At the end of this article, If you still face issues with this tool, then comment below on this article. And if you want to watch the full practical video on this tool, then click on the below practical video button.

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